About PCM

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is an evidence and skills based program so powerful it is used by business and Government Agencies throughout the world as a methodology for improving personal relationships, for recruitment, selection and placement, for motivating sales and service teams, for conflict management and for improving safety in high risk and life-critical environments.

PCM has been used by NASA in the selection and training of astronauts and is endorsed by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and Anesthetists. PCM is the basis of communication at the MUSE School in California for students, teachers and parents.

Today over one million people in 38 countries from astronauts to entrepreneurs, medical doctors, aviators, educators, families and private individuals are experiencing the benefits of PCM in their professional, personal and social lives.
The PCM Program is based on the principle that ‘if we want people to listen, we must talk their language’.

This requires learning the skills to ‘individualise communication’ which involves firstly gaining understanding of ‘how we’re built and what makes us tick’ and why we respond the way we do in certain situations.

Understanding our own behaviour however, is just the beginning. With practice you’ll understand where others are coming from. You’ll be able to ‘decode’ their behaviour, recognize when they’re in distress, predict their distress sequence and know the steps to help prevent this and restore harmony.

PCM is validated for both clinical and non-clinical applications. It is the most powerful tool available to improve communication in your personal, social and business lives.


The Profiling Tool explains what makes us ‘tick. It addresses your:

  • Personality structure

  • Strengths

  • Perceptual language

  • Preferred (interaction) management style

  • Motivational needs

  • Distress sequence and warning signals (of imminent non-productive ‘not OK’ behaviours)


Also included is a recommended ‘Action Plan’ for application in your professional and personal life.

A Team Dynamics Review will provide you with the insights, tools, and action plan on your team's current effectiveness, and most importantly the opportunity to gain greater achievement! 


While everyone is in agreement, the collective cognitive power of a team can be a powerful asset. Driving the business effectively and efficiently a team is capable of achieving its objectives and goals and becoming an even greater ‘winning team’. 





How often have you interviewed a candidate who 'ticked all the boxes' but didn't 'fit' after they joined? Once on board they were out of step, disruptive and affected everyone around them.


Through PCM you will understand the people you are hiring and how to motivate them. PCM is the breakthrough in understanding if an individual will fit into your team.


It is a critically important step in building an effective and dynamic work environment in which people perform to their full potential.


1 & 3-day interactive courses with participation numbers capped at 8 people.


The training blends concepts with practical exercises that show you how communication and stress management can be managed. Learn the skills that enable you to:

  • Observe and decode behaviour

  • Be a dynamic team leader by communicating effectively

  • Motivate yourself and others

  • Predict and identify the onset of disruptive behaviour

  • Find out why conflicts have escalated

  • Invite others back into positive communication and behaviour.


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