Are you communicating or just talking?

Learn to decode language and behaviour and connect with others

Learn to take care of yourself emotionally

Learn why tension and conflict arise and how to manage their effect

Learn to identify the degrees of distress and their associated behaviours


 Process Communication Model

PCM can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and how personal relationships
can be improved, enabling you to build greater teamwork and productivity.

Individual Assessment and Discovery
Team Assessment and Discovery
Recruitment for ‘FIT’
Skills Based Training

Over 1 million people from 38 Countries have now experienced PCM 


PCM is validated for both Clinical and non-clinical application


It explains your behaviour - and others, and how it can best be managed.


No other 'model' can explain why we change... PCM can! 


"The PCM course was a positive, eye opening experience for McDonald Jones Homes.

​The training has been invaluable to our Executive and Senior Management team in helping them to understand the different communication styles of every individual in the company and, therefore, enhancing their ability to effectively interact and engage with one another, their team members and other employees."

Bill McDonald, Director, McDonald Jones Homes

"PCM went far beyond DISC, MBTI, or many other models out there.
It has become a part of the language of our organization."

Chris Burt, Chief HR Officer and Executive Vice President, GM Financial

“Excellent. Best seminar I have attended due to being able to practice/use the content everyday in all situations”.

Beth Turner - Organisational Development Officer, Manly Council

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